The Ongoing Saga of Flashworks Photobooth, 10 Years and Counting
December 2012

Intact Insurance Christmas Party

Intact Insurance’s Christmas party was a fun-filled celebration replete with prizes, camaraderie, and music.

By the time Flashworks Photobooth arrived at the Ramada Conference Centre, everyone had filled up on delicious food and the majority of the speeches had already completed.  However, we did catch the last part of the program which included gifts such as gift cards to Crowley’s Jewelers, TV’s, and a very generous 50/50 prize being given out to the guests.

As soon as the formal program was done, the DJ turned down the formal Christmas music and turned up the upbeat hits that got everyone dancing.  A conga line was formed and led all the way to the photobooth located right outside the hall.  At the photobooth, everyone was dressing up in silly Christmas hats, reindeer horns, and of course the overly huge glasses!  The lineup was non-stop and everyone coming out of the booth was laughing hysterically!

Flashworks Photobooth had a wonderful time celebrating the Christmas holidays with the Intact Insurance family! Have a Merry Christmas and have a great time looking back at the memories of your Christmas party.

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