Dogs With Wings Annual Gala

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October 23, 2013

The “Dogfather” Dogs With Wings Annual Gala took place at the Enjoy Centre in St Albert.

It was a wonderful night. Friends, families, and even dogs came out to celebrate the annual Dogs With Wings fundraiser. The large and beautiful hall was decorated in black and white affording the venue an elegant look.

The night started off with a delicious buffet style dinner, and tasty deserts. The silent auction was a big hit, with people generously bidding in support of aides cause. The dogs were celebrities all night long, as they had the spotlight multiple times throughout the night. The DJ kept everyone moving, playing from classic, all the way to modern day music.

The photobooth was quite popular and entertained the guests into the evening. There was a lot creativity with the props, and some even brought the celebrities into the photobooth with them. People definitely came back for seconds, even thirds. There were definitely a lot of smiles that night.

To view the online gallery of photos CLICK HERE!

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