2012 AAIA Charity Ball – Peadiatric Neurosurgery Fund

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November 4, 2012

The Alberta Association of Insurance Adjusters once again sponsored a fantastic gala with the goal of raising funds for a great cause, and Flashworks Photobooth was honoured to be back to entertain all in attendance.

This Year, the AAIA held their charity event for the Peadiatric Neurosurgery Fund, an initiative started by the Stollery children’s hospital that is used towards a camp for special children. Known as Camp Everest, children with disabilities get an opportunity to connect with similar individuals over activities such as chocolate and s’mores, water scuffles, drawings, and most importantly, connecting with other children on a deeper level.

Held at the Sutton Place Hotel, guests entered into a large 35 table reception. Each table was decorated with an assortment of nicely organized tableware with each guest having a “rose pen” placed in front of each seat. But before any of the speeches took place, guests from various companies could bid for a plethora of items in an adjacent room with a silent auction included items such as flat-screen televisions, luggage sets, gift cards and even an iPad mini, with the proceeds going to the Neurosurgery fund.

As guests mingled and enjoyed their drinks, the formalities of the night commenced. Guests took to their seats to listen to the introduction speech, which highlighted the purpose of the night and informed guests on how they could donate money to the cause. Each table was assigned a child that guests could send to camp Everest 9 months from now by donating $600 collectively.

Dinner was served consisting of a frothy tomato soup, a delectable roast beef with sides, and a scrumptious chocolate cake to round it off. Following the dinner was a heart-melting speech from two members of the organization that shared their own struggles and stories about their own children, highlighting the importance of Camp Everest to Children in need. One quote was definitely unforgettable; a girl whose parents finally realized that “they spent their entire life living for her death; when they should be living for her life.” A video followed that encapsulated the joy which the Neurosurgery Fund would give to those Children, and a heart-felt clapping ovation rounded off the serious tones of the night.

Guests unwound to DJ Diamond Sound’s tunes and lined up for a hoopla of fun in the Flashworks Photobooth. In the midst of a serious night, it was a great way to balance things out.

Flashworks would like to extend our gratitude for being invited to the AAIA charity event, and wish the association many more to come.

To view the online gallery from the AAIA Chairty Ball, CLICK HERE.

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