The King’s University College Students’ Association

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April 15, 2011

Flashworks Photobooth had the opportunity to entertain the students from The King’s University College throughout their last day of classes.

Both of our booths were on hand at the Students’ Activity Center from late morning to mid-afternoon and were kept consistently busy as students sought an excuse to avoid studying for finals (and perhaps going to class?). The Students’ Association provided props in addition to our own and before long, the feathers were flying and the laughter was unending as the students sought out crazy costume combinations and displayed them to each other.

And while numerous students were perusing the props while waiting to use the booth, others were engaged in prop sword and gun fights, while others ran around blowing a prop horn that produced an awful sound akin to a crazed wildabeast.

It was obvious by the number of repeat customers in our booths and the free cookies, that this party put on by the Students’ Associate was a hit. Thanks for inviting us to your fun event!

To see the gallery of photos, CLICK HERE.

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