Peyton’s Surprise 16th Birthday Party

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July 31, 2013

Flashworks Photobooth was happy to be a part of the surprise party for Peyton, who celebrated her 16th birthday!

Kendra, mother of the birthday girl, had invited us out to their home for the surprise celebration. Set up inside a open garage, it was a different and refreshing experience from the usual indoor venues we have grown familiar with. Guests arrived to see the garage transformed into a livingroom-esque space; pure white curtains lining the walls; a large cozy rug set up on the floor, and a lounge area for guests to relax.

Both family and friends came to celebrate Peyton’s sweet 16, enjoying lots of sweets, drinks, and specially made cupcakes! If we were to guess, there were almost 60 people in attendance.

Even though Flashworks was set up in the garage, we caught wind that there was a face painter inside the house; of which many guests got a chance to get their faces decorated with anything from Spider-man masks, Batman masks, and even Mike Tyson’s famous tattoo.

Of course, this meant that guests were even more excited to get their photos taken inside the photobooth to remember all the creative face painting and fun. To end off the evening, all the guests got a chance to participate in a very exhilarating silly string scrimmage.

What a fantastic night it was to celebrate Peyton’s sweet 16! Flashworks hopes everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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