Nikki’s Stagette

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March 13, 2013

It was an intimate gathering at the McKenney building for Nikki’s stagette party!

Armed with a fooseball table, and a beer pong table in the basement of the McKenney building (built in 1915), this bachelorette party was set-up for a memorable night. There was even a snack table with everything from a healthy vegetable medley, to chips, cupcakes and cookies.

The celebration was a gathering of 25-30 ladies coming together for a night of fun. There was a white board for everyone to sign and indicate how they met the bride to be, or otherwise just draw something fun. Fooseball wasn’t the only thing filling the room with cheer at the party, as the photobooth was also a riot of fun for everyone too. Some in attendance also brought their own props; double the accessories, double the fun! The guests at Nikki’s stagette got creative and made a wall of printouts to witness all the funny faces and awesome hoopla.

Just before we left there was a large toast to Nikki to celebrate the night. Flashworks Photobooth would like to extend our thanks for inviting us out to Nikki’s bachelorette party. We hope that everyone had an enjoyable time and we wish Nikki the best on her upcoming wedding.

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