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  1. Irene

    I just wanted to say thanks for the AWESOME photobooth we had at our wedding! All our guests were so impressed – they thought it was so cool! I was hoping to have a photobooth to make our reception fun and unique, and it was a huge hit!!

  2. Myroslava Kochan

    Hey! The photo-booth was the icing on the [wedding] cake for Irene’s beautiful wedding…it was so much fun and I bet looking at the photos will provide years of memories…I only hope your success continues and you can ship your lovely equipment over to England for my wedding sometime!!!

  3. Maryana H

    The photobooth was an instant hit! My guests were especially amazed with the sleek and modern designs (such a contrast to the typical ones that we see in shopping malls). We especially loved the removable back-drop feature to include large group shots in addition to the more intimate 2/3 person shots. I would definitely reccommend this photobooth to anyone who wants to spice up any event. Thanks so much!!

  4. Crystal

    Having the photobooth was great at the birthday party! I had so much fun with my friends, we could even take group pictures (I’m talking about having 5 or more people), when I first found this out it blew my mind. This photobooth goes above and beyond a normal photobooth, I recommend this photobooth to anyone who wants their guests to have fun and to make your event an instant hit!

  5. JSP

    Thanks for the great event write-up! The photo booth was such a hit!

  6. Leslie Donaldson

    Wow…you two make such a great couple!! What a fun way to create memories of your wedding day!

  7. Jason Bujold

    That was a wedding that will always be remembered. Thanks for having us!!

  8. Christine

    What an awesome surprise gift!

  9. Jacquie

    I loved the photobooths at the CCMA events. A great idea and alot of fun!!

  10. Ingrid

    This was a great addition to our events, everyone loved it. Thanks so much!

  11. Stef & Ben

    Thank you so much for everything! The photobooth was definitely a hit!!! =)

  12. Ivonne Marie

    The photobooth was so much fun!!!!

  13. Christina

    Thanks again Stephan & staff for adding to our wedding fun! You guys were awesome and I can’t believe how fast you blogged our photos! And thank you for your wonderful summary of our wedding festivities!!

    All the best!

    Christina & Adam

  14. Julie

    The whole day was wonderful. We had a blast with the Flashworks Photo booth. Great times, lots of fun moments with family and friends captured on film.
    Congrats Michelle and Neil. Love Mom & Dad xoxo

  15. Catherine Hercus

    Had a great time at the Bar Mitzvah. It was my first time in Edmonton and enjoyed meeting everyone. xoxo

  16. Braidon Reid

    It was the best party in the history of the Royal Glenora. What a night.

    We definitely set a new standard that we are happy to try to live up to again soon.

  17. Rezika Zurch

    You guys were amazing! The pictures are great! We had so much fun!

  18. lisa and jamie

    what a night glad to be a part of it!!! thanks cindy and all the gang that made it happen love you guys!!!

  19. GrandmaAnd Grandpa de B.

    Hi to the newly weds……every time we went by the booth there was such a line up that we never did get our picture taken. You will just have to glue in the one you got a year ago…..that’s the best we can do for now…….sorry
    Much love.

  20. Kim

    What a great write up on the wedding. It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed the photo booth. Thanks

  21. Willie & Hilde Hoflin

    We are so happy for you both. I hope you are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon. The wedding was beautiful and it was so nice to see old family & friends again and to meet new family and friends. The photo booth was a great idea and we really enjoyed looking at all the photo’s posted. Love Mom & Dad Hoflin.

  22. Rodney

    Ah. We just found this blog post again.
    Thanks guys. Flashworks Photo did a fabulous job of our wedding. Months later, friends and family are still talking about it. And the candid photos were a hit. They made it into our photo album.

  23. Krysta

    Oh these are awesome! so very happy we are able to look back on these photos of our CrAzY friends and family xoxo

  24. Debbie

    Great wedding! Congratulations Meghan and Mike. All the best for many wonderful years together.

  25. roderick mchugh

    awesome–great idea–love the pics and the group dynamics–movie stars abound yet unknown except among friends

  26. Melissa

    Hey guys! the photos are awesome!!

  27. Melanie Henderson

    Thank you so much Stephan for having your photo booth at our reception. It was a blast!

  28. Tammy

    An amazing wedding and reception for two amazing people!

  29. Eva

    What a beautiful wedding! Justin & Shelly both looked amazing and truly in love, and the photo booth was such a fun idea. Loved it!

  30. Linzy

    Thanks so much to flashworks! You were great! Rob and Suzanne’s wedding was the funnest wedding I have ever been too.(I’m not just saying that because I was Suzanne’s bridesmaid;) ) And the photobooth was a blast! The whole night was absolutely beautiful! And Suzanne was the most amazingly stunning bride. I love you two so much! What a great day that was! I’m going to leave off there before I start crying. LOL

    Linzy <3

  31. Anisa Khatib

    Well done, you did very nice job. we are vry thankfull to you for come and share this special occation for our daughter’s wedding.

  32. Maureen

    Flashworks was a a huge hit with the staff.
    Stephan – very professional and outstanding work.

    Highly recommend

  33. Susanna (the bride)

    Thank you soooooo much for coming out on our special day and I absolutely loved reading the blog you wrote! It was funny reading bout my husband taking the garter off a guy! lol Having you there really made my wedding complete and I couldn`t have asked for a better day! I think the older guests enjoyed it more than the kids haha hopefully we get to see you again soon, like on June 20th (hint hint wink wink lol)

  34. awesomeness

    i love going to relay for life it shows that people really do care about the cure for cancer

  35. Lomani Mundi

    It was an honour to perform at such a terrific and important event. We had a fabulous time hamming it up for the camera in your photobooth. Your being there added such a fun element to the event – loved it!
    Thank you from Lomani Mundi!

  36. rob

    I really want to thank flashworks for all your time you put in and for such an amazing job! you truly made my wedding so much more fun, people are still talking about what a blast they had with the photo booth. you were so helpful and professional from start to finish and through all the meetings in between, again thank you so very much!

  37. Maureen (Mom)

    The pictures are great. Everyone looks like they had a lot of fun. I wish that I checked it out myself, but totally forgot it was only up for a few hours. Next wedding I go to that has the Flashworks photo booth I will be the first one. Hey Amber and Derek, you want to have a photobooth at your wedding. 🙂

  38. Dad and Mom Hand

    Wishing you lots more laughs as you start your new life together… Love you lots! xoxo Best Wedding of the Year!

  39. Laura & Pretzel

    So happy we were there to celebrate your beautiful day. May you always be as happy as you were this day, and when you need a good laugh you can always look at these pictures!!
    Look forward to you coming to Ontario for our “pool party”!!

  40. Laura & Pretzel

    So happy we were there to celebrate your beautiful day. May you always be as happy as you were this day, and when you need a good laugh you can always look back at these pictures 🙂
    Would love to have you come to Ontario for a “pool party”!!

  41. Vefa

    I think Cole’s is my favorite spiecfically the one where he’s holding two beer cans. He was all over that photo booth (as expected). Oh, and of course I love the ones with you & me

  42. Rhonda

    Thanks again Stephan! Like i said the photobooth was a hit! Can’t wait to see the online gallery! The little write up was very nice too! Thanks again!!

  43. elin

    I love all the pics fantastic idea love you guys Amelia, Rob and of course cant forget Olivia. Welcome to our crazy family Rob xoxo. Love Aunty Elin

  44. Amelia

    Love Love Love them!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Michael Shandro

    What a wonderful writeup! It was great seeing you again Stephan.

  46. Cyn Rox

    I had a riot! And that photo booth was the bomb!

  47. Mel

    Why are all of these photos gone?

    • admin


      The photos stay up for 60 days, after that they are taken down. The client receives a file with all the photos after the event so the photos are not lost.