Best Wishes to Melissa and Kyle!

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July 27, 2015

Many would agree that a good wedding is memorable when the relationships between the couple and guests at the wedding are shown through all the blessings and laughter.

In Kyle and Melissa’s wedding, it is touching to feel how close they were with all their guests. They have lovely friends who prepared heartfelt speeches, as well as family who were filled with love and care for them.

Key to Melissa and Kyle reception were the details. No detail was overlooked. Everything was simply perfect. From the wedding decorations, reception, food to the photobooth, Kyle and Melissa demonstrated how much they appreciated each other and their guests. They made sure each of the guests had an enjoyable evening. A lot of effort was put into making this wedding unforgettable for everyone.

A lot of love and memories were shared and cherished at this impressive wedding. Above all the beautiful ambiance at the wedding dinner, the love, support and care within these relationships are far more precious and wonderful. Congratulations to Melissa and Kyle! Thank you for inviting Flashworks Photobooth to be a part of this wonderful occasion!

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