Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre

The Ongoing Saga of Flashworks Photobooth, 9 Years and Counting
October 2010

Glenda and Dale

All the best to Glenda and Dale!

Wow! The hall was beautifully and intricately decorated with gem-stone encrusted sashes, silver satin chair-covers, beautiful tiger lily centre-pieces and the fairy-light backdrop. We loved seeing pictures of your beloved Roo attached to every centre-piece! The hall was most certainly a spectacle to be seen! It was also lovely to see the guests being greeted with marriage photos from both parents of the bride and groom as well.

The program was hilarious and sentimental with great introductions and speeches, as well as the slideshow provided for the guests. And of course, the wonderfully satisfying meal and dessert provided from the Edmonton Hotel and Convention Centre deserves a special mention!

Glenda and Dale, thanks so much for allowing Flashworks Photobooth to be a part of your fantastic wedding. Congratulations to the both of you!

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