The Ongoing Saga of Flashworks Photobooth, 9 Years and Counting
February 2013

Louis St. Laurent Valentine’s Day Dance

The junior high students at Louis St. Laurent had a great time with the Flashworks Photobooth at their Valentine’s Dance.

Our photobooth was deployed within a hallway where a table with signage was set-up so that students could purchase tickets to use the booth. For 50 cents a ticket, students could strike a pose with four of their friends. There was even a friendly cupid walking the halls with his bow and quiver of arrows who was pulled into a number of photos. At some points there was a bit of a line-up to use the booth as students waited their turn to dress up in our wacky and fun Valentines-themed props.

Flashworks Photobooth would like to thank the staff at Louis St. Laurent for inviting us to entertain the students for their fun day!

To view the online gallery, CLICK HERE.

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