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April 2012

King’s University College Spring Convocation 2012

Hundreds of students and their families and friends gathered together at the Evangel Pentacostal Assembly to witness their loved ones receive degrees from the King’s University College.

Upon entering the Assembly, guests noticed the tall pop-up displays arranged around the circumference of the hall depicting full length portraits of past graduates showing their names and majors. They represented every department at the university, such as Arts, Commerce, Education, Music etc.  Every student on those posters looked so energetic and ready to excel in the world.

After you signed in at the registration table, you couldn’t miss the CDs for sale on the next table. This album showcased the voice of the talented Jontue Elan, a King’s University student who is already on the path of a great musical career. Not far from this table and at the south end of the building, students and their guests could enjoy some refreshments and socializing. This gymnasium was decorated with festive lights along the entrance way and colourful balloons with the King’s University. Fresh juices, coffee and desserts were served, while more of the aforementioned pop-up displays were arrayed all around the gym.

On the second floor of the assembly next to the entrance to the second level of seating, was a table full of gifts for the Bachelor of Education graduates.  There was a letter from the university, a pin with school logo and a special gift prepared by the King’s University.

Starting at 2pm, the Spring Convocation 2012 program featured a number of beautiful musical segments and inspirational speeches and messages from school staff and special speakers. After the convocational address, all the students line up in the hallway and awaited anxiously in preparation to receive their degrees. Once, in the assembly hall, they were called on stage for their degree conferment.  Mayor Stephen Mandel arrived discretely while the students were waiting in line to be called up. As a guest speaker, Mayor Mandel gave a warm speech and wished the graduates all the best in the future endeavours.

After the program concluded and the Academic procession left the hall, the students began to celebrate with their families and friends.  They showed their biggest smiles in the photo booth, their laughter filled the assembly, and they concluded their time at the King’s University College mindful of the unforgettable memories created there.

This was the students’ day  and they earned it!  Flashworks Photobooth wishes each and every student from the spring class of 2012 every success in the future!

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