Kerri and Matt

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July 11, 2011

Congratulations to Kerri and Matt on their beautiful outdoor wedding amongst the Rocky Mountains near Invermere, BC.

Thanks for inviting us to your wedding. We rarely have the opportunity to see the ceremony portion of the wedding with our bookings and yours was lovely, especially with the amazing natural surroundings. Secluded within forests of fir, the kilometers of dirt road opened up to a wide expanse of field surrounded by mountains. Within a freshly mowed area of this field stood a hand made birch wooden archway with purple Gerber daisies intertwined between its parts and facing snow covered peaks. Behind the arch were two rows of log benches followed by white folding chairs, the last row of which was adorned with purple bows. The aisle was flanked with numerous globes of white carnation flower arrangements. We enjoyed the entrance of your wedding party complete with tuxedoed golden retriever ring bearer. The special vows you delivered for each other in front of all present were touching.

Within the two large tents set up for your reception, your theme of purple and white was beautifully implemented with purple tulle illuminated by mini-lights hanging from the ceiling along with white and purple paper lanterns. The head table was covered with purple flower petals and three arrangements of white Gerber daisies in tall cylindrical vases. The other tables featured a runner of purple tulle with a rectangular vase centerpiece containing a submerged white orchid and floating candle. Your wedding cake was delightful, ringed with a base of small purple pansies and sitting a top multilevel cupcake tree filled with tasty carrot cake muffins.

Your guests had a great time at your close-knit gathering of family and friends on the Jones family farm. Everyone was very warm and friendly and enjoyed chatting it up, grabbing beverages from the ice filled, old fashioned claw-footed bathtub. Your speeches were entertaining and memorable. Poor Matt received a good roasting, especially with the “Top Ten Most Memorable Lessons Matt Has Taught Me.” Apparently, trucks don’t float but they sure can fly. And your first dance to Shania Twain’s, “From This Moment” was charming. Everyone also had a blast with the photobooth and kept coming back for more. Even the pig’s head from the pig roast was brought in for a few shots.

In a similar fashion to your officiant, Flashworks Photobooth would like to wish Kerri and Matt a love that amazes you and brings you great joy.

To view your online gallery, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Kim

    What a great write up on the wedding. It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed the photo booth. Thanks


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