EPS Victim Services Luncheon

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June 14, 2014

The EPS Victim Services Unit hosted a lunch at the Delta South Top of the Inn for the members of the unit. As guests arrived to the top floor, they checked in at the registration table and received a door prize draw ticket as well as drink tickets.

The room had an open atmosphere as windows stretched almost from the ceiling to the floor and looked out over the city. Tables were decorated with a centerpiece of a brown wicker place mat underneath a cylinder vase with a flourishing flower. After a plate served dinner and dessert, the blinds were brought down and lights were dimmed accenting the star lit ceiling while speeches were given and awards presented. Awards recognized anywhere from 100 hours to 35 years of service by volunteers and advocates for making a difference in our city. Three tickets were drawn for the door prizes and winners could come to the front to claim their prize and get their picture taken. The guests around each table were to pick a number from one to ten and whoever had picked the number eight was lucky enough to take the centerpiece home.

Guests had a great time using the Photobooth from the start of the event all the way till the end. Flashworks Photobooth was proud to have taken part in this important event.

To view the online gallery of photos CLICK HERE!

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