Connections 2013 NAIT Interior Design Program Fundraiser

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March 25, 2013

It was an exciting night for the students NAIT’s Interior Design Program who hosted their “Connections 2013” fundraising and networking party at the Nest Taphouse Grill.

Known as Connections 2013, “Connections IDT” aims to introduce current or graduating interior design students to the industry. The evening kicked off with an open browsing of auction items and a mingling of guests as attendees came to the party. Around the room were various displays of interior design concepts, such as the Strathcona County Emergency Ward with which students showcased their ideas in detail of computer rendered stone, tile, wood, fabric and glass.

Flashworks Photobooh felt right at home at this “flash themed” party, right along with the night’s signature “Flash Fizz” cocktail. And when the majority of guests had arrived, a group of those in attendance came together in a light show dance. Using flashlights, a simple orchestrated flashmob-like dance to the theme of Queen’s “Flash”, was a short sweet surprise kick start to the meal that was about to come, where delectables like spring rolls, meat skewers, and broccoli were served.

As the night continued, prizes including an ipod touch, wine basket, and elegant serving bowl, amongst others were raffled off every half hour. There was also a silent art auction featuring items such as a BMW Allsteel chair, cocktail table, stylish desk lamp, rug and exercise equipment that went to the highest bidder.

Flashworks Photobooth would like to thank the organizers of Connections 2013 for inviting us! We definitely enjoyed ourselves!

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