Winnie and Tien

Written by superadmin

June 6, 2010

Your wedding was spectacular. You’re a wonderful couple with the most amazing dance moves I’ve ever seen. It was very entertaining to watch, and your friends and family had some great moves not only on the dance floor, but in the Flashworks photobooth as well. In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever had a livelier bunch in the booth.

It was also really nice to see how excited people were to get their print-outs so that they could slice, dice, and decorate them into a scrapbook provided by Winnie and Tien. Some people spend a great deal of time putting personal touches and messages on their photos for the couple.

The Golden Rice Bowl is an excellent venue. It’s a delightful place that greets you with a magnificent salt water fish tank. The staff are super friendly and the restaurant has really modern and elegant washrooms (I look for that kind of stuff). The combination plate that Winnie and Tien were gracious enough to provide for me filled me up to such an extent that I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to operate the booth afterward.

I had a great time at your wedding and I’m glad that our photobooth was such a hit. Flashworks Photobooth would like to wish Winnie and Tien all the best in their lives together.

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