Marilyn and Jason

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September 17, 2012

In the heart of China Town, Marilyn and Jason celebrated their wedding night at the Century Dynasty Palace restaurant surrounded by a plenitude of friends and family.

In the entrance foyer, a friend of the couple enlarged three heartwarming photos of Marilyn and Jason. There was also a guest book which was full of pages with wishes and congratulations. The hall was beautifully decorated with a white and purple theme. The tables had white tablecloths and the chairs were draped over with white silk covers which were tied together with deep purple satin bows.  As the 350 guests gathered, mingled and shared pre-dinner drinks, they also to practice their photobooth skills!  As well as a photobooth, a dj booth, there was a sweet and salty table which was full of candy, pretzels and many other finger licking treats! Everyone just devoured the table as soon as they set eyes on it!

As guests found their seats, there were five flat screens set up in the hall which were playing photos of the bride and groom for them to watch as they waited for the bridal party to enter. The bridal party had made a video, re-enacting the full house introduction at the beginning of the show, revealing a little about each other personalities!  Jen and Vivian did a wonderful job of MC-ing the wedding. They had cute little stories about how the couple was together for 14 years and how they are major cat lovers.  Then they thanked all the people the traveled from the UK, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria for coming out and celebrating Marilyn and Jason’s special day with them. The MC’s loved playing games and joking around, so when the clinking of the glasses started the MC’s definitely put a halt to the traditional shenanigans, and made up their own kissing game. The bride and groom loved cats and kitten pictures, so whenever anyone had wanted them to kiss, the couple who started clinking the glasses would have to get up and imitate the cat picture then the bride and groom would have to do the same. The bridal party also joined in with some guests and played musical chairs. Everyone got pretty competitive but Marilyn still ended up winning in her stunning dress!

Dinner was a feast commencing with individual servings of huge bowls of noodles and rice. Each table was laden with bowls of shrimp, ginger beef, lemon chicken, won ton soup, deep fried won tons, spring rolls, green onion cakes and much more. People could take as much as they wanted but of course there was always room for desert! The bride and groom had their first slice of the scrumptious chocolate cake which was perfectly decorated with white and purple flowers.

As soon as the speeches and eating had come to the end, everyone was ready to party. The photobooth had non-stop action all night! Guests from young to old had come through and the booth left them laughing and smiling and having a blast. From the great DJ, to the open bar, then the Flashworks Photobooth to capture all the memories; this wedding was perfect!

To view Marilyn and Jason’s online gallery, CLICK HERE.

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