Christ the King 2013 Aftergrad

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May 13, 2013

Congrats, grads!

Congratulations to the students of Christ the King School on the auspicious occasion of their high school graduation! Flashworks Photobooth was honoured to return once again to help entertain the students of CTK for their aftergrad at the Gateway Entertainment Centre.

Shortly after midnight, the students and their chaperones started arriving at the Gateway Lanes for a memorable night of entertainment with their fellow graduates. Bowling, laser tag, billiards, and other games created an evening of limitless fun. Music videos played on video screens while the grads bowled, and in between their activities, they raced to the photobooth snap some photos and get some print-out souvenirs of their night. What started off a a trickle was soon a tidal wave of enthusiastic students waiting for their turn in the booth. The regular photobooth goofiness got turned up a notch with a contest to see who could make the most vile and disgusting face. Onlookers watching the slideshow on the side-screen often burst into laughter but also occasionally recoiled in horror as freshly taken shots appeared there. Regardless, the photobooth was a hit with a stream of repeat customers returning for more memories with different friends in different costumes.

Thanks for having us back again for this year’s aftergrad! Congratulations to all the graduates and we wish you the best of luck and prosperity in your future endeavors.

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