Stef & Mike

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May 16, 2011

Stef and Mike, your wedding was a blast! We were honoured to be a part of your special day and had a lot of fun entertaining your guests.

The Empire Ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald was the perfect venue for your wedding reception. As soon as guests entered the foyer area to the ballroom, they were greeted by a guestbook table and an old fashioned-styled sign directing them to the photo booth. At the guestbook table, they could write down their well wishes to the bride and groom and deposit half of their photo-strip into a large jar to share with them for their wedding album.

The entire wedding had a very elegant feel, interspersed with romantic and also “geeky” elements. For example, added to our prop box was the guitar, microphone and drum sticks from Rock Band with which guests were encouraged to rock out. Large flat-panel screens showed a slideshow depicting photos,  trivia and factoids from Stef’s and Mike’s past and present, along with pie-chart statistics on the  percentages of guests from out of town and guest meal selections. The slideshow is also where guests learned that their invitations incorporated 18 pop-culture references in their design. And rather than numbering the tables, each was names after the characters of “classic” love stories including, Rachel and Ross, Apollo and Starbuck, Lois and Clark, Arwen and Aragorn, amongst others. Each of these tables was furnished with 34 pieces of lego with which guests had to construct an architectural masterpiece to get the young couple to kiss.

Guests feasted on an amazing plated dinner, as well as wedding-cake muffins which accompanied Stef’s and Mike’s beautiful two-tiered wedding cake. And toward the end of the evening, guests were satisfied by plates of home made cookies in the foyer, each plate lovingly baked by a different aunt or cousin for this special occasion. Each plate of cookies featured a card indicating who baked them and their ingredients. And taste-buds aside, the ears were treated by the oldies and classic rock melodies of The Shivers, a band complete with Beetles-style garb, hair, accents, and sunglasses with a massive union jack behind them on stage.

Congratulations to Stef and Mike on your wedding. All the best to you both and thanks again for having us!

CLICK HERE to view the online gallery of photobooth fun.

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  1. GrandmaAnd Grandpa de B.

    Hi to the newly weds……every time we went by the booth there was such a line up that we never did get our picture taken. You will just have to glue in the one you got a year ago…..that’s the best we can do for now…….sorry
    Much love.


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