Stacey & Matt

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July 25, 2011

Best wishes to Stacey and Matt on their beautiful wedding in Bentley, Alberta.

The clouds parted and the sun came out for Stacey’s and Matt’s reception at the Blindman Valley Agricultural Centre in Bentley. This great venue had ample space for all the guests and was beautifully decorated with the theme of cobalt blue and white. Above the dance floor, elegant drapery was suspended from the ceiling, wrapped around strings of white lights and radiating out from the center of the hall. Interspersed between the drapery and hung at different lengths were white and blue paper lanterns of different sizes.

On each table was a swirly translucent blue overlay covering a white table cloth and surrounded by chairs dressed with white chair covers accented with large blue bows. Each centerpiece consisted of a square vase containing 3 large white flowers and filled with clear gel marbles illuminated by a bright white light. At every place setting was placed a candied apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Upon entering the main area of the hall, on the right-hand side stood a table with a large arrangement of white flowers and candle surrounded by the photos of departed loved ones. On the left stood the guest book table featuring a flower arrangement, three smaller vases of blue and white sand, and a large album into which guests were encouraged to paste half of their photo-strip and write a message for the bride and groom.

The MC did a phenomenal jobs of introducing the wedding party with entertaining stories about each of them. This was also the point at which some embarrassing stag and stagette photos appeared on the screen behind the head table, followed by additional funny stories and anecdotes. Following these introductions, Matt and Stacey cut their magnificent four tier tall wedding cake with a long rapier. However, clinking glasses for a kiss was off limits this evening. Instead, guests had to give a donation Stacey’s and Matt’s charity of choice, “Paw and Claws” to see a kiss.

Dinner was absolutely fantastic with an amazing selection of dishes including a choice of chicken, ribs, or steak. Dessert followed in the form of trays of fruits and a variety of squares. Succeeding dinner a slideshow of Matt’s and Stacey’s younger years was shown, after which speeches and toasts proceeded. Once the formal part of the evening concluded, guests flocked to the floor to dance to songs and requested tracks from across from a range of genres and decades. And throughout the evening, our photobooth was rarely unoccupied.

Stacey and Matt, Flashworks Photobooth would like to wish you all the blessings in the world as husband and wife.

To view the gallery of photobooth photo-strips, CLICK HERE.

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