Cassandra & Sean!

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September 27, 2010

Flashworks Photobooth had a blazin’ good time at Cassandra and Sean’s wedding this weekend!

It was great to see everyone enjoying the booth out in the lovely town of St. Paul, AB. The hall was lovingly decorated in an autumn theme in shades of red, orange and yellow, with the purple wedding colour for a touch of pizazz. A delicious dinner and dessert also complimented the wonderful evening (especially the strawberry shortcakes!). Many memories were shared from Sean’s fire-fighting family, Cassandra’s nursing friends, as well as a special video recording, that was dedicated to the newly weds from Cassandra’s cousin, all added a level of intimacy to the night. Sean’s ‘bulls-eye’ nickname was also played up, getting the guests to shoot a bow and arrow to have the couple kiss. It was also nice to see the Bride and Groom speak individually in order to thank family and friends. All in all, the night was filled with great food, great company and great memories. We hope that these memories will last through the giggles and smiles evident in the photobooth pictures!

We were honored to share in your special day, Cassandra and Sean, and wish you a lifetime full of laughter and happiness (much like your wedding day)!

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