All the interaction of a mosaic wall but for smaller events.
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Equally Entertaining, Just "Mini"

Similar to its larger cousin – the full-size Mosaic Photo Wall, this “mini” implementation is the perfect fit for smaller events. Add some virtual components and turn it into a MosaicMini Hybrid!

1. A Guest Has Their Photo Taken

by our stationary photographer against an elegant curtain…

2. The Software Finds the Ideal Position

for the photo, tints and prints it…

3. The Guest Applies Their Tile

at the indicated spot on the grid…

4. And Watches

the mosaic image comes together.

Each 3 hour MosaicMini rentals include:

Stationary Photographer

There’s always a photographer ready to snap your photo so that you can be a part of the mosaic.

High Resolution Digital Mosaic File

In addition to the final mosaic board, you also receive a high resolution digital file suitable for reprinting.

Mosaic Grid Board

We provide a 30″ x 30″ (15 x 15 grid) mosaic board that accommodates 225 photos and is displayed on an a sturdy easel.

Photo Memories

We’ll provide you with a USB flash drive of all theĀ  high resolution photos we take during your activation.

Designed Mosaic Master Image

We’ll design a beautiful mosaic graphic that will impress your guests and serve as timeless reminder of your event.

Customize your rental based on your requirements:

Roaming Photographer

Document your event with photos of the decor and entertainment, of speeches and awards, and of your guests enjoying themselves.

Green-screen Background

Add a green-screen backdrop for the clearest final mosaic image. Works especially well with the MosaicMini.

SMS & Hashtag Image Fetching

By texting in a photo or posting to a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, guests can be a part of the mosaic even if they’re not present at the event.

Live 3D Slideshow Display

Guests can view a live 3D presentation of the mosaic as it comes together, tile by tile
on a 40″ display.

Library Images

Preload your mosaic with pictures of friends & family, company images, staff and architectural photos or product shots. Perfect milestone events.

Digital Sharing Kiosk

Give your guests a digital keepsake. Guests can email or text themselves a copy of the photo that was taken for the mosaic.

Ready to Rock?

Get it touch with us to discuss how you’d like to implement your MosaicMini.
Each activation is unique to your master image and how you’d like your guests to participate with it.