Mosaic Photo Wall

The premier activation in guest participation with a phenomenal take-away for the client.
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Mosaic Photo Wall

How it works:

1. A Guest Takes a Photo

via selfie (submitted via SMS or hashtag), photographer or photo booth…

2. The Software Finds the Ideal Position

for the photo, tints and prints it…

3. The Guest Applies Their Tile

at the indicated spot on the grid…

4. And Watches

the mosaic image comes together.

Mosaic Photo Wall rentals include:

Stationary Photographer

There’s always a photographer ready to snap your photo so that you can be a part of the mosaic.

High Resolution Digital File

Besides being able to keep your final mosaic image, you also receive a high resolution digital file suitable for reprinting. Why not frame the original mosaic and also hang up a vinyl banner?

Printed Sticker Tiles

Regardless of the total size of your final mosaic, we’ll be packing copious amounts of ink and paper.

Extra Staffing

Every activation is accompanied by courteous Flashworks attendants who will help you take a photo and apply it to the mosaic board. The larger your activation, the more staff we bring!

Mosaic Grid Board

We will custom print any size of grid board required for your event, be it 50 inches or 15 feet, or larger.

Designed Mosaic Master Image

Your mosaic is only as good as the final image that’s revealed. We’ll design a beautiful mosaic graphic that will impress and represents your brand or event theme.

Customize your rental based on your requirements:

Roaming Photographer

Document your event with photos of the decor and entertainment, of speeches and awards, and of your guests enjoying themselves. If required, you can add more than one roaming photographer.

Green-screen Background

Add a green-screen backdrop for the clearest final mosaic image. Works well with smaller mosaics.

SMS Image Fetching

By texting in a photo, guests can be a part of the mosaic even if they’re not present at the event.

Live 3D Slideshow Display

Guests can view a fun, 3D presentation of mosaic as it comes together, tile by tile. This browser based slideshow can be viewed by anyone with access to the internet. Different screen sizes available.

Instagram & Twitter Image Fetching

We can pull in images from any Instagram or Twitter hashtag you like and include them in your mosaic.

Library Images

Preload your mosaic with historical company images, staff and architectural photos or product shots. It’s a great idea for milestone events like anniversary galas.

Ready to Wow the Crowd?

Each Mosaic Photo Wall activation is unique to your master image, the amount of guests you’re expecting, and how you’d like the photos to be captured. Get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through it.