Ramada Staff Appreciation Party

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January 23, 2012

The 2012 Ramada Staff Appreciate Party was held in the Courtyard Room at the Ramada Conference Centre on Kingsway Avenue. When walking into the dining hall, people were asked to stop at the registration table that was decorated with a white table cloth with light orange sheer fabrics. Three sequin look balls and four fiber-optic table lights figured prominently at the corners of the table.

Look around the hall, the colorful decorations and the music transported the guests back to the 70’s.  The stage attracted attention with large wall paper of 70s disco dancers while the podium was wrapped with colorful square disco paper. Paper lanterns of various colours with a big sparkling disco ball were hanging down from the ceiling in front of the stage.  The projector screen was showing disco pictures dating back to 70s and the names of the winners of the “Campaign in Action for 2011” were printed on big disco ball shaped ornaments that were hanging on the wall. Each table featured colorful paper napkins and fiber-optic center pieces.

Even though all of the decor was designed to take one back to a night in the 70s, a brand new 40” flat screen TV and a netbook computer prizes served as a reminder that, “wake up, it’s 21st century!” After all, we didn’t have big screen TVs and that tiny computers in 70s.

Dinner was also more 21st century with herb crusted salmon with orange cream, roasted beef with pan gravy, roasted garlic and buttermilk whipped potato, cabbage rolls, perogies, pasta, seasonal buttered vegetables and variety salads.  Desserts were an assortment of fruits and cakes, tarts and cranberry cheesecake. However, silver and golden disco globes in a tall glass container that was displayed on the dessert table would once again emphasized the theme of the party.

An official program started with awarding long service awards to employees who have served for the hotel for 5, 10, 15, 20 and even 30 years, and all were invited to take pictures with department supervisors on the stage.  Afterwards, a 50/50 draw was held where the flat panel TV, netbook, and a $1000 travel voucher were drawn and taken away by lucky employees.

The party was carried on till midnight with dancing and picture taking in the photobooth.  People had a lot of fun getting decked out and snapping photos in their 70s themed props. What a fun party!

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