The Ongoing Saga of Flashworks Photobooth, 9 Years and Counting
  • Daniah and Garfield

    Flashworks is no stranger to the Oasis Conference Centre, and we had a chance to revisit the astounding venue for Garfield and Daniah’s wedding.

  • Rae and Kenneth

    Rae and Kenneth had a very exciting wedding reception at the Oasis Conference Centre. By the time Flashworks had arrived, the Oasis Conference staff was already serving a buffet of…

  • Shea and Scott

    The day dedicated to celebrating Shea and Scott, started with a beautiful ceremony at the Oasis Conference Centre.

  • Rohit 2011 Holiday Brunch

    The Rohit Group definitely knows how to throw a party Christmas party for the children and the young at heart! This year’s 3rd annual holiday brunch was once again held at the Oasis Conference Centre in West Edmonton.

  • Meagan & Glenn

    We’d like to wish Meagan and Glenn all the very best as they celebrate the start of their life’s journey together.

  • Davina & Brian

    Davina and Brian had a rockin’ reception at a spectacular venue. It was an exciting evening full of enthusiastic and energetic guests of all ages. Flashworks photobooth snapped some great shots of some happy babies, smiley seniors, and everyone in between. Everybody had a great time toasting the bride and groom and getting goofy in the phootbooth.